Trainee Work-Life Balance

Resident Fellow Members are particularly susceptible to stress and burnout given the need to balance academic, clinical, and personal life demands during training. A study using the Maslach burnout inventory ( Martini et Al 2004) revealed a 40% burnout rate for Psychiatry residents. In a 2015 ACGME survey on burnout the number of residents that responded yes to “felt down, … Continue ReadingTrainee Work-Life Balance

Increased Access to Mentorship

I have learned the value of mentorship through experiences provided by the National Minority Mentor’s Network and the APA Diversity Leadership Fellowship. All residents should have the opportunity to receive mentorship during their training programs. Guidance from a mentor will streamline your experiences during residency and ensure that they are high yield and aligned with your professional goals. I will … Continue ReadingIncreased Access to Mentorship

Professional Development

The APA has many resources available to Resident and Early Career Psychiatrists. As Resident Fellow Members enter their senior years in training and start their careers, very few residency programs offer training in organizational issues, leadership or the business of medicine. These resources should be available and easily accessible to all Resident Fellow Members. I will advocate for residency and … Continue ReadingProfessional Development

Humble Beginnings

I am a Bilingual and Biracial American, who grew up in the Caribbean and attended medical school in Cuba. I am fortunate through this experience to have the sensitivity to an individual’s race, language, and culture which has empowered me to provide culturally appropriate mental health services to diverse and under-served population in both English and Spanish

Community Service

I’m grateful to have been selected to represent the residents of the Kansas Psychiatry Society since 2016, a role in which I continue to grow as a colleague and advocate. In addition, I have supported the local and national mental health communities with roles in the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) and American Psychiatric Association (APA)

Vote Lisa

I am growing as a leader and with my participation in the APA Diversity Leadership Fellowship, mentorship from the National Minority Mentor’s Network as well as the APA workshops and training, I’m developing the leadership and organization skills necessary to be an effective Resident Fellow Member Trustee.  Here are some of my accomplishments and credentials Postdoctoral Training PGY3 Resident, Psychiatry, … Continue ReadingVote Lisa